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IceDragon's Lair
This is my main site right now, and is pretty good. Mostly with a dragon theme, but has lots of stuff.
This is my other site, Cybertek. I don't update it anymore, but it's pretty cool.
Judgement's Lair
Hey, another Lair! I mod at this forum. The site should be up soon.
Your Source for Nintendo News!
Ice Kirby's Realm!
Hello, and welcome to the Kirby Site! This is where you'll find pics, info, even downloadables of the pink little guy! So, look around!
Never mind, whatever it was is fixed. But here they are, just in case.
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Dynablade and Dynachick!
This is where the latest Kirby stuff is posted by date.

12/6/2005 : Holy crap, I'm alive! Checked my ancient message board and whatnot. Someone joined earlier this year, leading me to wonder if I should bring this baby back to life. AIM = Tekkie180 YIM = icedragon54321 MSN = cyber_icedragon@hotmail.com so message me and yell at me. Still a die-hard Kirby fan, only now I'm like midway through sophomore year. pwn. So talk to me. =D
11/1/03 : I'm overdosed on sweets, so I suppose I'll announce this before running around and going nuts. I've decided to stop developing this page. But, this site will stay here, and I have a new page @ icedragon.has.it I'm not done with it, but I'm going to start working right away, so see you there!

10/28/03 : Yes, Halloween is almost upon us, and I've been busy, so excuse the lack of updates. I'm working hard to get a domain, so people can actually read this stuff. I'm looking for a free domain hosting service, or at least forwarding. If anyone knows, then e-mail me please! Also, when I can, maybe over Christmas break, I'll try making more content, yay! Until later, bye!

9/22/03 : Soul Caliber 2 is awesome! Just got my hands on it and it rocks! Link has awesome attacks, with boomerang, bow, bombs, and his sword! My other favorite is Ivy, whose whip can turn into a sword! Some guys were tough, like Berserker, with his huge axe, some guys were fast, like Voldo and his metal claws, and some were just plain weird, like Yoshimitsu and his odd abilities like balancing on the handle of his sword and hopping around. It's an easy game to just pick up and play. I think it rocks. All the errors with my game are fixed, so it should work. Yes!

9/14/03 : Been a while since an update, but boy do I have a good one! My first game v. 1.1 is now out! look for it in my downloads section to see! Now, this version isn't the final, but it has most of the features in it! Have fun!!!

8/28/03 : *Why do I do this? No one reads this...* Oh, UGH! Hi! Eh, just wanted to announce, my laptop is working again! That means that two games are going to be up in a couple of weeks! I won't announce the titles, but I'll say this: One is a great re-make of an old favorite with cheats, 2-player, and Story Mode! The other is a classic: Kirby at his best, in a new version of his old concept! I will announce when they come out!

8/23/03 : Sorry about the stall, two of the three versions are up. One was too big, and you can go there and read about it for details. So, eh, enjoy! And remember, I don't believe any other sites have this up! An IceKirby Exclusive!

8/20/03 : Well, I want to say I've been in school for two days, and may not be updating as much. But, I have a little treat for everyone. I just found out, our Camp Hyrule Team, Team F-Zero, won! I'll be sharing the screensavers soon, even the Mac screensavers! I will be going next year! It should be in the downloads section soon, or just click here to go there. Hope you like!

8/17/03 : I've picked up some cool games. First off, Animal Crossing. Very addictive, fun, and the graphics are good. The only problem is all you really do is walk around and do errands. But it's still fun. Next up, NFL Blitz: 2003. This is one of my favorites, and was only $20! I like beating people down and sitting on 'em! Yeah! I'm not a big fan of sports games, but this one is a favorite of mine anyways. Then, Super Monkey Ball 2. Addictive gameplay, awesome multiplayer, and nice graphics. No complaints, but could use improvements. It gets hard after a while. Last, Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly. This is Spyro? First of all, the framerate. Kepps changing! Fast and crisp, then slow and lagging. It took me 10 minutes before accidentally finding a level. And, I hate it when you run into a wall and he yells, "Yeowch!" Annoying. But, otherwise, not bad. Stay tuned for Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life, F-Zero soon, Kirby's Airland, Mario Kart Double Dash!!, Wallace and Gromit: Operation Zoo (I like the weird little claymations)and 1080 Avalanche, all coming soon. Soul Caliber 2 has been released, each game with a secret character. GC version has Link, PS2 has the guy from Tekken, and XBox has Spawn. Also for GBA, look for Final Fantasy Tactics Advance coming in a month or so!SUPER SMASH BROS. EXCLUSIVE NEWS!!!Now, Camp Hyrule was okay, it was a short time and I only got on two days. But, I asked an NOA (Nintendo of America) employee, Dudelove (thanks!) and he has reported that Giga Bowser, Master Hand, Fighting Wire Frames, Super Roy, Metal Mario, Oni Link, Toad, Password Mode, and Dragon Temple are ALL RUMORS! NOT TRUE! So, everyone who says these are unlockable, Do Not Believe Them! They want you to do an unbeatable task for nothing. The only "secret characters they don't tell you about" available are Purin and Koopa. Switch the language to Japanese and there you go. Besides all of the ones you unlock easily. There. Anyone who disagrees is a fake. That's all the news for now!

8/2/03 : Eh, I'm so wrapped up in playing Zelda, it is so cool. I just tried a demo of Mario Golf Toadstool Tour for GameCube. It was awesome! I'd recommend it. Now Camelot needs to get busy on GS 3...

7/30/03 : Hello all! I just registered at CampHyrule.com! Can't wait, this is going to rock! I've finished the new forums! The old ones can be reached at http://www.oldicekribyforums.cjb.net and I hope I can get new members and some old friends. I have a plan to have user accounts here so people can earn stuff. Now I just need to find a place to start. See ya round!

7/22/03 : Well, not much to say, but the release for Air Ride is October. Also upcoming is the release of Final Fantasy Tactics for GBA in September, Mario Kart Double Dash for GCN in Dece,ber, and F-Zero, in another month or so. I've added a pass-it-on thing, hope you like. I can also add comics, a game with a high-score table, anything. Also, started IceKirby's forums 2.0 so if you want something go and post! That's it for now.

7/16/03 : Back again, not much to say. I found out that there will be game paks sold that have Kirby: Right Back At Ya!, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and Pokemon episodes! Two episodes per pak, and the paks will sell for about $20 each. I know I'm getting a bunch! Not much else. Kirby's GameCube appearance is coming, and it's coming on strong. Expected by October! That's it for now.

7/09/03 : Darn, it's been so long since I had an update. My forums are doing okay, I guess, but more people are always welcome. Right now the mods are EmperorMatthew, New Ground, and Judgement. Judgement has a forum here and I am a mod there so please visit! For Kirby news... Well, not much to say, I think Kirby's Airland is coming soon. It was at E3, held earlier this year. Check out the screenshots, they look awesome! Not much else to announce. I hope they make a new Kirby game for GBA! That's it. My birthday is in four days, yay! Okay, signing off.

5/27/03 : Thanks to EmperorMatthew, dragonbless, and Agentflit for the comments. I resorted the updates newest to oldest for convenience, took out the blink tags, added a forum (I hope you all like it!) and have fixed all broken links I found. I did this yesterday, so I hope people start going to the forum! It's on the menu bar next to Home, or go to http://www.icekirbyforums.cjb.net. Sorry to all who use Mozilla, that the site doesn't work.
5/25/03 : I am going to try to start a forum today. I hope I get some people who post regularly. Also, I am looking for staff members, anyone interested please e-mail me and let me know.

5/22/03 : I just want to say that I have created a whole new look, I hope you like it!

5/21/03 : Wow, it's been a long time since any update! Sorry to all fans, I thought no one liked this site and didn't update because of tha. But, I saw some recommendations to my site in some art guestbooks, so I knew some people liked it! Thanks to all who think this site is worth your time. I deleted the Golden Sun site, it was pretty pointless. If you are a fan like me, you can post at the forums at GoldnSun.net , which is a great site. My nickname is Tekkie there. There's also http://www.gameboy.com/goldensun , which is the main GS site. As for Kirby. A person at the GSN forums got some E3 pics, I'll ask if I can use them if they're Kirby related. Akdjr, you rock! So I'll keep updating, I'll try a new layout, and I hope you like it! Stay tuned!

3/12/03 : Not much to say about Kirby here. I have the strange feeling that Fox is going to cancel the Kirby show. They should at least reschedule it... it stinks to have to get up early on a weekend to watch a show. The Golden Sun page is up, and I hope you like it. Also, I have decided to categorize all of the updates last year in the new News Archives section (found in Other Stuff). Well, that's it!!!

3/8/03 : Okay, I am happy to announce that a Kirby card thing is coming out for E-Reader!!! Also, two new screenshots are pasted all over the web of Kirby's Airland. It also came out in the Nintendo newsletter. Unfortunately, I cannot find anything out about the new E-Reader series. And, I plan on adding more GBA things, and perhaps some computer sections, not just Kirby related. So stay tuned for more info on such things as the Golden Sun pages (I'm going to do that now, once I'm done talking about it, so look for it :-)) and other GBA items. That just about wraps it up!!!

2/9/03 : I'm back!!! I am so sorry about the lack of recent updates, but I haven't had time. I have news that Kirby's Airland is coming to Gamecube. The screenshots are from Rainbow Resort, and were originally from N64, the platform it was supposed to come out on. Fortunately, this looks like a good game. Well, that's it for now. See ya!

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